Mecasem Connect is an internet site (extranet) with a secure access used to manage the verifications and calibration of your measuring instruments. This tool will allow you to centralise all the information about your instruments in a single database, accessible online

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Why choose Mecasem Connect?


Essential features for managing your stock of measuring instruments


Tracking the life of instruments: verification/calibration, maintenance, repair or renewal operations

• Data exchange between users and provision of information

• Viewing, real-time management of schedules and verification documents

• Online publication of the lists of measuring equipment to be checked

• Intervention log

• Provision of a directory of contacts

• Access to technical documentation

A practical and economical solution


• A simple, ergonomic and easy-to-use metrology tool

• Easier management of your stock of measuring instruments

• Securing information exchange

• Reduced paper costs for the company

• Various information centralised in the same platform

• Create virtual collaboration spaces and generate substantial time savings: e-mail alerts

• No installation licence fee and unlimited number of users